Kick the Tires event for prospective new scouts (Webelos)

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January 11, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Farmers Market
Moultrie Middle School
Cub Scout Packs 20, 40, and 502 will be visiting us this Saturday and we need a great turn out so that the potential new Scouts will choose Troop 20 as their home! Below are the activities and details your PLC decided last night and I promise it will be a lot of FUN for everyone! Rain or Shine! Date and Time: Saturday, 11 January from 10 am to ~2 pm – Troop 20 is asked to show up as close to 9 am to help set up Location: Moultrie Middle School – Farmers Market shelters on the corner (we may move to the football field later in the day weather permitting – 50% chance as of now in the forecast) Dress: Class A uniform What to bring: something to drink and your mess kit (camping plate, fork, knife, and spoon – Highly recommend you write your name on them with a marker) Lunch will be provided!! PLEASE, RSVP SO WE WILL HAVE ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE! please go to this link to sign up Need the following volunteers (please reply to me if you can help): ASMs to be present at the round-robin stations ASMs / Past Scoutmasters to speak with the parents Elder Scouts (Eagles and Life to speak with the Cub Scouts and their parents) Topics- How Troop 20 is led and our elections Explain merit badges, How do you earn them and how many you need Explain ranks and How do you earn them We need the following items (please reply to me if you can bring) a / one small to medium low profile fire pit. (ASM Chad Neal is bringing one) Details of events (Special thanks to Ronan Kotz, Scribe for the notes from our PLC meeting last night below) The event lasts roughly four hours, the first three occupied with a Round Robin organization of 6 different stations, each one lasting 20 to 30 minutes. The Cub Scouts will be divided and blended into our Patrols, hopefully, 6 groups, 1 at each station. During the whole time, SPL JH Leigh will be answering any questions from parents. Before stations begin an icebreaker game of Steal the Bacon will be occurring. Said stations with the scouts in charge are: Tent Building- Jacob Trammel and Ethan Bergin – tents provided by Blythe Huguley and Mr. Rae Backpack Packing- Breckan Williams and Wallace Leigh (should bring their scout books)- Adam Leon and Wallace Leigh each bringing 1 fully packed backpack String Burn- Brady Davis, Jay Huguley, Woods Wadsworth and Jacob Cutter – Fire supplies provided by Mr. Rae, Firepit provided by Mr. Neal, water for extinguishing provided by Jacob Cutter Rope Swing- Mr. Neal- Rope provided by Mr. Neal Blind Walk Game- Connor Dubay- Blindfold provided by Mr. Rae, Eggs provided by Wallace Leigh Whoopie Cushions will be provided by Blythe Huguley Game of Kim- Adam Leon- Necessary materials provided by Mr. Rae Lunch will be provided – cooking will be directed by Scouts Connor Neal and Adam Leon , and additionally chuck box demonstration with chuck boxes brought by JH Leigh. Water will be provided by Jacob Cutter. Cooking will also be led by our District Commissioner / ASM Joey Bokern (an amazing dutch oven Chef) Please remember to RSVP so we have enough food! Breckan Williams and Wallace Leigh should bring their scout book as they are in charge of the backpack packing station. Additionally, JH Leigh should bring his scout book in order to answer any questions from parents. We hope to have a great turn out and your PLC has done an amazing job forming this event so that it will be a great time for all! Well that’s all Folks Yours in Scouting SM Angus Rae aka “smangus” For more information please visit: HTTP://

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